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Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break!!!!

March 2010

This spring break we packed up and headed to Dallas to see some good friends since Daddy had taken a group of kids on a mission trip to Utah. We had no longer walked in the door when we were greeted with some fabulous chili, Paula Dean's banana pudding, and sweet friends from college.

The incredible banana pudding. I'm sure it was fat and calorie free. :)
Olivia and her sweet little guy.
Deacon putting away the pudding.
The next day we headed out to watch Jack's tball game and spend a day at the park. This is Luke, CT, and KG.
KG intently watching the game.
Jack running to first.
KG feeding the ducks at the park after our picnic.
Doris and I eating left over banana pudding. :) We didn't want to share. ha ha!
Blowing bubbles in the back yard.
All the kids playing a little Wii.
Campo Verde!! YUM YUM!!
Inside Campo Verde. They are very festive. The kids LOVED the trains that constantly went by over your head. During Christmas, everything you see is covered in tinsel.
CT and KG hanging out.
JC and me. Just like old times. :)
CT and Deacon hanging out in front of the Dallas Cowboy's new stadium.
The new stadium.
KG flying her Barbie kite.
Enjoying a candle lit pancakes and chocolate syrup dinner.
JC with Ryan and Deacon.
We also go to visit with Annette and her sweet family. Here is Grace and KG. They are quite the pair.
Deacon, Aiden, and CT playing a little Wii.
Sweet little Adelaide. She is a doll.
Heading home. Deacon loves looking at books.
One last stop at Krispy Kreme to celebrate St. Patty's day. JC and the kids.
Mommy also enjoys a little Krispy Kreme.
Deacon very excited about the donut process!!

Thanks for a FABULOUS time JC. We had a lot of FUN!!!

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