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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Catching up....

As I was adding more pictures to my computer, I noticed there were several that never got posted. So I am playing catch up. :) These were taken towards the end of January and first of February.

Here's KG with her favorite cheerleader "Candle". Her real name is Kendall. :)
CT with his BEST buddy Stephen. These two crack me up.
One of several snows we've had this season. Very pretty, but am glad the warm weather is almost here. :)
KG enjoying the snow.
Deacon not quite sure about all this white stuff.
Well, it might be fun.
I love this picture of our sweet next door neighbor Janie coming to Deacon's rescue.
KG hard at work.
CT hanging out.
Making a snow angel.
Having dinner and making snow ice cream with some of the best neighbors! Good times.

My parents came over to help celebrate my birthday. We had a fun dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Mimi got to "share" her dinner.

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