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Friday, February 12, 2010

Post Surgery

This is Deacon shortly after recovery. We got settled in our room, and got him some pain meds to settle him down. He was NOT happy at all with us when we went back to recovery.
Bless his heart. He was very swollen, but was breathing very well. These are the no no's that he gets to wear. He can have them off as long as we are right there. :) He will wear them more once we get home, and he gets back to his independent self.
Sitting with Daddy this morning. Looking a lot less swollen, and more like himself.
He's supposed to be trying to drink 6 oz. or fluids so we can go home. He was not having it. This is how we spent most of the morning.
These are the sweet balloons, flowers, and teddy bear my sweet friend Annette sent. Deacon LOVES the balloons. He points to them often and opens his eyes real big. :)
We woke him up, got him dressed, and changed the scenery. He was drinking a little bit before we got out, and is doing much better now. We are on the road to getting to go home. :)
One of the murals in the hallway.
We found some toys to play with. The only bummer was the iv cord that kept getting in the way.
Hopefully we will get to go home today. :) We have been very pleased with Arkansas Children's, and we love our doctor, but we are ready to go. :)


Marci @All Things Wonderful said...

Oh, so sad. But, so sweet photos. He is just adorable. I am so happy that he is doing well and you are headed home. Miss You.

Unknown said...

Wow. This post brings back a million miserable memories. Henley had to wear no no's for 24 hours and she was a newborn...and that was enough for me! Poor Deacon. Glad it's over!!