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Friday, January 15, 2010


KG started dance this past week. She is taking ballet and tap. She wasn't quite sure about tap until she was fitted for the shoes, and the sound they made were magical to her. ha!! She has been so funny. She counted down the days until dance started, and is counting down again until she gets to go back. She LOVED it!! She told me, "Mom, that was AWESOME!!".
Reading a ballet book before getting started.
Liv and KG warming up.
Making faces in the mirror.
Following directions while doing the train.
Freestyle dance with scarves.
Waiting their turn to do just what their teacher tells them.
KG finishing off with a cartwheel.
Pretty toes!! Plus a tootsie roll. :)

This is a quick video of the freestyle dance. She was loving it!

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on the eastern journey said...

Loved this! What can be better than ballet and tap?

5 days till Gotcha!