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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mimi Comes to Visit.

Mimi came for a quick visit last weekend. She was in to take the kids on a little back to school shopping trip. We picked up some fall school clothes for CT, and KG scored a new Build-a-Bear. Oh the joy that she had. She picked out some tie-dyed looking bear whom she named Pepper. She told us that she was adopting Pepper into our family. :) Of course we were thrilled to welcome Pepper into the family. :) CT also picked up a new Star Wars Transformer. What more could a boy ask for?

KG and Mimi waiting in line to stuff her bear.
Giving Pepper a bath.
Mimi, KG, and Pepper with all her gear.
CT taking a cookie break.
Mimi and CT.
Thanks for coming Mimi. We had a great time!

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on the eastern journey said...

Mimi can come visit us anytime! So fun!