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Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppi!!

The same day we celebrated Daddy's birthday, we also had a surprise party for Poppi. This was a big one for him. :) His actual birthday was Dec. 1st. We ended up having to go back to my parents house this weekend, and CT said, "Hey Poppi, your 60 now." My Dad said, "Yeah, I made it." ha!!

He wanted a snuggi so bad. So we granted his request. :) We had Poppi monogrammed on it. It looks rather monkish to me. ha!
Deacon got to know Mr. Mike (Mandy's Dad) pretty well. He followed him around because he kept feeding him. :)
CT took on Mrs. Sheena (Mandy's Mom) in a game of checkers. KG enjoyed hanging out with Mandy most of the time. :)
Happy 60th Birthday Poppi!! We are so thankful for you, and wish you many more Happy Birthdays!

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