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Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney World Travel and Day 1

Well, I finally have had a minute to sit down and blog about our Disney trip. We had a GREAT time!! Now we are back home getting back in the swing of things.

This was KG's first plane ride. She was very excited!
Nana kept the kids occupied while we waited on our plane.
CT, Deacon, and KG anxiously waiting to board the plane. We got to Orlando pretty late. So we checked in our hotel and headed to bed.

The next morning we got up and went to a time share presentation. THRILL!!! It wasn't that bad. We got out with a no, no, and NO we do not want to buy into your timeshare. :) We did get a free breakfast, warm cookies, and $50. :)
After the presentation we headed to the pool BBQ. It was FREE too. :) So far we are making money. Ha ha! They also held a hoola hoop contest. Guess who won? Mommy!! The competition wasn't too fierce, and the prize was a small beach ball for each kid.
Poppi enjoying the pool.
Nana hanging with the kids while they put their feet in. This little pool was COLD!! The big ones were heated.
While CT and Daddy headed out to play putt putt, KG and Deacon found a little playground.
Deacon heading to the slide.
KG being herself. :)
Deacon enjoying his cheese biscuit at Red Lobster.

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