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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun with Fabio!

Last week was VBS week. On Friday we had our big wrap up complete with a guest appearance from "Fabio". :) The kids had a GREAT week at VBS, and were very excited that Safari Joe's was the ending celebration. They had all kinds of creatures that you could pet. KG did pet the very large snake. Her daddy was shuddering while she did it. :) There was also a jupiter jump, hot dogs, and last but not least PONY RIDES!!!!
KG taking her very first pony ride. :) She was not quite sure at first. I told her I would walk with her. We got about two steps and she said, "Go Mom, I've got this." :)
KG already a pro!

This is CT's best friend Stephen riding the pony.

CT taking his turn.

CT's also a pro at pony riding.


On the Eastern Journey said...

So Fabio is now making the VBS circles...I guess that's a natural progression from paperback covers.

Amber said...

Glad the kiddios had fun.
We hope to see you guys at FC in a few weeks!