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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A little Vay-Cay!!

This past week T had a week of vacation that we had to either use or lose. So we chose to use it. We packed up the fam and headed to Branson for the week. We used our timeshare week so we stayed for FREE. ha ha!! Not really fee seeing that we pay for it monthly, but anyway it was a great place to stay!

Some friends of ours came Sat/Sun and T played golf with them those two days. They had a great time, but had to cut their Sunday game short due to heavy rains.

T and Kam. Watch for her in the Pro PGA in the future. :) 

One night we packed the kids up and told them we had a surprise night planned.
Our first stop was Shogun's. Here is our guy "entertaining" us before he cooked our meal.
Getting the grill good and hot!
The kids thought this was pretty cool.
Some of the best "Fri Ri" eva!
Onion volcano. 

After dinner we headed down to Branson Landing for another surprise. We took CT to his first.
Ridemakerz. This was the same concept as Build a Bear, but you got to build a car. Really cool concept. 
CT picked out the chassiz and the body for his car.
Next on to picking out his wheelz. We stayed with everything stock this first time. We can always upgrade later.
Daddy helping CT screw his car together.
CT with his finished product. It also makes noise and has flashing lights. He LOVED this!
Next we headed over for KG's first Build a Bear experience.
KG picked out her puppy and started stuffing. Here she is pushing the pedal that fills her dog up.
Daddy helping KG give her puppy a bath.
Miss KG with her finished puppy whom she named Sevey. We have no idea where this came from, but she was adamant about it.

Half way through the week Mimi and Poppi came up to stay the night. They took us to see Noah The Musical. It was FABULOUS!! Even KG sat through the whole thing without getting up. Of course M&M's at intermission helped a little. :)
Outside waiting on the musical to start. 
Inside with Mimi and Poppi.

Toward the end of the week we took the kids to Steal Your Dollar City. :) AKA Silver Dollar City.
First ride in CT wanted to tackle a roller coaster. So T took him to one he was tall enough for. He was so excited. Too bad they didn't realize they were riding backwards. T said CT had a hard time keeping his head up, BUT he LOVED it. :) I rode it with him towards the end of the day, but we made sure we were facing forward.
KG on her first roller coaster. She liked this, the tea cups, and the swings, BUT that was about it. We took her on Fire in the Hole and the Log Ride. She screamed the whole time on both of them.
Spinning on the tea cups.
Daddy and CT riding the river raft. They got pretty wet on this ride. 
CT won an OU basketball. He made both shots the first time. He was pumped!
Daddy and CT enjoying the fire and water show at Branson Landing. We ate at Texas Land and Cattle Co. It was good, but we had really slow service. So slow we saw the water show twice. It plays once an hour. We did get free dessert due to the slow service. :)
Here is our little bungalow that we stayed in for the week. They are really nice, and very roomy- Stormy Point.  We had a great time relaxing and just hanging out together!


On the Eastern Journey said...

What a fun vacation! We wanted to see Noah's Ark when we were in Branson, but we didn't think Schäfer would sit through it. Maybe later when he can enjoy it too.

Amber said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I LOVE seeing all the pics. The pic of KG with "Sevey" is just TOOOOO cute! Glad you guys were able to get away for a while. I KNOW how important that is!

Carrie said...

Hey, that vacation looks very similar to ours last summer! Our family's timeshare is right up the street from that hibachi grill. Did ya'll do the big barn swing at SDC? That was our favorite part.

patti said...

oh what fun. I haven't heard of the make a car...so cool. So, where are the matching t-shirts or did you get a free branson hat??