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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cookie Days

We have headed up to Kansas City for T to go to the OU vs. Missouri game. Since we are here we have crashed at our friends the Lynch's house. They were having this really neat event at their church called Cookie Days. It is an incredible outreach ministry that they do for preschool children. They had ALL kinds of FREE activities for your kids to do. We made cookies, frosted cookies, built wooden nativity scenes, made a placemat, made an ornament, made a nativity gingerbread house, and heard the Christmas Story. Our kids LOVED it!! It is one of the neatest things I have seen.

KG making her nativity gingerbread house.
CT and Daddy working on his gingerbread nativity.
CT's nativity.
KG making her placemat nativity. After we were finished, they laminated it for us.
CT hammering his wooden nativity.
These men were brave and precious. They had several battle wounds.

KG hammering away.
CT and KG glueing their clothes on Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.
Rolling out their sugar cookies.
CT making sure KG wasn't rolling faster than him. :)
KG eating her purple frosted sheep sugar cookie.
CT and his sheep sprinkled cookie.

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