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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Still Partyin'!!

KG has been partying all week long and we wrapped it up with a Princess Party at the Rec Center inside pool here in town. Everyone had a GREAT time other than the fact that it was a sauna inside the pool area. For some reason they keep it at like 95 degrees in there. Who knows why?

KG celebrating at Wee School. She also shares a close bithday with another sweet little girl in her class.

KG and her class eating brownies and ice cream.

KG's Cake.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday KG!!

Birthday Princess.

Digging into the cake. KG had to make sure all her little friends had their cake, plates, forks, and napkins first. She was a little hostess.

KG and one of her favorite friends swimming in the pool.

Opening presents. Of course Nee Nee had to get us shoes. :) Thanks Nee Nee and Jack!

KG and friends helping to open up her presents.

A Make Up Vanity! Just what we wanted. Now, where are we going to put it? :)

Some other fun gifts she received (only for our benefit to remember) were a princess umbrella, princess movie, hungry hungry hippos, a Mickey Mouse cd that says her name while they sing, princess tea set, a baby that you make feel better, a princess crown, a princess cd player, and money for savings bonds. Thank you everyone who came and made KG's Third Birthday so special!

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