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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Year OBU College Reunion

On our way home from Tennessee, T dropped me off in Arkadelphia for my 10 year OBU college reunion. We decided that the husbands would not have such a great time, so we made it a girls weekend. It was so much fun getting to see everyone and just hanging out again. Being back on campus brought back so many fun memories. We met up at a reunion dinner on Friday night. We sat at the back and of course got in trouble because our table was too loud. :) Imagine that. Saturday we walked campus and visited with everyone, then headed over to the tail gate party and football game. Then that night we attended the Tiger Tunes finale. Of course the Kappa Chi's won AGAIN. I will have to admit they were EXCELLENT! We had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again. Next time hopefully those that missed can come, and we won't wait so long.

Hey! Does anybody know where I could find Birkett Williams Cafeteria? :)

From L to R: (Back Row) Misty AKA Buttsy, Angela, Shelley Front Row: Jennifer AKA JC, Me, Sandra, and Patti.
Me and JC. We have a million pictures like this, so we thought we would add to the collection.
Hanging out at the Tri Chi Tea. Shelley, JC, me, Karlyn, and Patti.
Hanging out in the "O". We used to sit here and eat Chewey Sprees while we people watched. :) Those were some great times! I'm sure we were supposed to be in class or something. ha!
Me, JC, Buttsy, and Patti at the Burger Barn. I look scared for a reason, but I will just keep that between the little group there. :) You owe me JC!

Sandra took a LOT more pictures than I did. So once she has hers up, I may have more to add to mine. :)


Salinda said...


I'm so jealous! I wish I'd been able to go!

I'm excited I found your blog. And you have links to lots of other OBU folks? Yeah!!!

You can find me at www.salinda.blogspot.com . There are a few pics of the kids and lots of rambles about our lives, but also lots of sewing stuff. I review patterns and the like.

Anyway, great to find you. Your children are adorable!


Kelly said...

This looks soooooooooooooooo fun!!!!! I talked to Mandy last night and she said they went to tunes too. I watched it on-line the other day. The kappas were really good (but why must they win EVERY year??) I thought the XXX's looked REALLY good and sounded GREAT! They should have placed. Everything at OBU is so nice now. Where are all the crummy buildings we had? :-)

kapjones said...

What?!?! Your table got in trouble?!?!? Man am I jealous!!! I wished we could've gone. I almost had Shea talked into it and incorporate a visit to his parents' house with it but then we had to evacuate due to that stupid hurricane Gustav. So, needless to say it was too much money, time and logistics to try to go again a few weeks later. looks like ya'll had fun! Ahhhh the memories!!

patti said...

good times...let's just try not to make it 10 more years before we do it again. :) hugs~

and oh...those pics are amazing...I hope you get the CD b/c it is going to be hard to pic.