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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BSF....Back in the swing of things!

This morning we finally got to go back to BSF. It started two weeks ago, but the first week I was out sick, and last week was our first JNJ Children's Consignment Sale of the season. We have another one in our town next week. The kids and I both had a great time. We are studying Moses this year. Which I believe covers Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. KG came home today telling me she learned about Jonah....no Mosa! CT explained the whole story of baby Moses, and then at the end exclaimed, "And you know what....God had a plan!" It was precious!

This is the church where we attend BSF. If you are looking for a Bible Study to get involved in, I highly recommend this. They are held all over the country, it runs during the school year, and is off when school is off. Also, if you have small children from 2-5years, they have a WONDERFUL program for them too. Plus it's FREE!! They also have night classes, and classes for older kids.
CT and KG excited about returning to BSF!!
Sibling love.....this didn't last long. :)
KG and Mommy. CT took this for us.

CT and Mommy. Since Bubba got to take a picture so did KG. :)


Martha said...

I'm so glad you got to BSF. The amount of learning that takes place in the preschool program is amazing.

I'll miss you all at BSF this year, but we've transferred to the evening class so my 6th grader can go. We have a spot starting next week. I kind of feel like a new kid in school!

Go Mosa!

kapjones said...

Impressed...the kids are good with the camera. You look great Aimee!

Anonymous said...

Are all three of my babies cute?

Of course I am prejudiced....