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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Would you eat a fish head for 20 Kuai?

One night at dinner we ordered fish, and of course it came FULL fish. Head and everything. :) So M was kidding around that he was going to eat it. We then told him we would pay him if he would eat it. (He is trying to save up money to buy a new gameboy. He left his in a hotel Thailand and when he went back to get it, it was already gone.) So he will do just about anything to make money. :) We also bought some "art" from them. :) They were so cute. They set up a store for us to buy their color pages. Of course we bought them out. :)Anyway he was successful in getting the fish head down, and we had to pay up. He earned 20 kuai which came to about $2.56 USD. I was quite impressed that he actually swallowed it. He was proud of himself. :) Way to go M!!

Thinking about it......

In the mouth.....

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Michele said...

He is much more brave than I ;)