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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Weekend....

Have kids...will rent for your wedding. :) ha! Just kidding. The kids got to be in another wedding at the end of June. Two of my friends Kathy and Cathie, their kids married each other. :) It was a lot of fun and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!

KG and CT at rehearsal.
Take two.
This was the dance floor for after the wedding and a sitting area. Once it got dark all the candles were lit and the lanterns lit up. Really pretty.

Inside the tent.
More of the tent.
The service overlooking the lake.

Yeah they made it!
The ring bearer and flower girl. KG's flowers were so pretty and heavy!
The cake. YUMMY!
The fam.
CT waiting patiently to eat.

KG playing with sticks. So lady like. :)
Lindsey and Blake giving the kids their gifts for being in the wedding.
KG got a baby that talks and moves. Kind of Creepy, but she loves it.
CT got a spiderman outfit. He LOVED it, and was SO excited! He kept asking if he could put it on. I had to make him wait until after the dinner.
CT ran over and gave Blake a hug for the gift.

KG just hanging out.
The kids with Poppa.
Mimi and the kids.
OK, which one of you is going to jump in? Luckily no on did. :) KG and Brady playing.

First Dance.
The money dance. The whole bridal party got out on the dance floor. Then people started throwing money at them. Then they were supposed to dance harder and harder to earn more money. :) It was really cute. The kids went around and picked up the money and put it in a box. Too bad I didn't know about this dance when I got married.
Tiffany and KG watching the fireworks that went off.
Lindsey and KG dancing. KG would have danced all night had we let her.
Spiderman ready for bed!


Kristy said...

Oh my goodness!! The wedding was gorgeous!! So beautiful!! I know the families are so happy and proud!

And the kids look so cute!!

Unknown said...


Those were great pictures. I love the one of "Mary Brown" with C and KG. What a beautiful wedding! Do I know the people in it? And what lake is that? Am I going to have to admit that Oklahoma has pretty lakeside settings?

patti said...

What cute kids! The more I read about KG the more I think she is like her momma!

My fav of it all is spiderman in a carseat...priceless!