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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How do you like your meat?

Just pick what you want! :) We are not sure exactly what it is. They yellow flowers they also cook and eat. They say there are really good.
Pig heads
Goat heads with bottles of blood for sale. They use the blood for cooking. One of our team members had those flavor packets you can add to your water bottle. Well, hers was bright red, so I told her that the locals were going to think that she enjoyed drinking the goats blood.

Greens/Vegetables These were REALLY good!

This is where you go to buy your meat and vegetables. N thought it would be fun to tour this right after we ate our breakfast. :) EVERYONE shops here, this IS your local Wal-Mart. :) The smell was a bit strong and there was blood all over the floor, but you get used to it I am sure. Some of our girls were real smart and wore their flip flops to the market. One of my favorite things was when we would sit down in a restaurant to order, if they did not have it they would run to the market and get it to fix for us.


The Drakes said...

The meat looks fresh and organic!

Kelly said...

I'm a little sorry I read this post. :-)

patti said...

wow...not so hungry anymore. :)

glad you guys had a good trip and can't wait to hear about all the good things that happened.