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Friday, June 6, 2008

Heading to China

Waiting in the airport for one of many flights to leave. Kayla, Tiffany(practicing her peace sign for the trip), and Will.
Our home for 14 hours. They did have tv's in the backs of every chair, and showed several movies. You could pick what you wanted to watch. That really helped it to go by faster. We got to our gate ready to go, only to find out it was delayed for SIX hours. Uuuuggghhh!!!! So instead of arriving in HK at 6:00pm we got there at midnight. It worked out fine, we went straight to bed. :) We were ready!
Hong Kong. Not so much China, it's more of a New York City feel. Britian turned power back over to China in 1997 after having power for 150 years. They are still heavily influenced by Britian. Driving on the wrong side of the road and all, and the minding of the gap when you get off the subway. :) Our hotel room in Hong Kong. These beds were soft and comfortable!
You had to put our card in the slot for the power in the room to come on. They would only give you one card. So when you left the room your air went off. LOVELY!! We could sometimes stick a comb or something in them to get them to stay on. That didn't always work.
McDonalds in Hong Kong. Tiffany is obsessed with ketchup and they only gave her one packet. She had to go back and beg for more. This was a constant battle for her. Not that Chinese food tastes good with ketchup. They did have an ice cream sundae with red beans and green tea sauce. I was so tempted, but I somehow refrained. ha!

We are home and recovering from our trip to China. It was absolutely amazing and God allowed us to be apart of some incredible things. Hopefully through this blog I can share a glimps of how BIG He is, and how he is working not only in America, but China, and all over the world. I will be posting in the coming days. I have a lot to share. Thanks to those who were praying for us and my kiddos. Mykids did great and the team all survived the culture shock. I can't wait to go back!!! Well, I could do without the 14 hour plane ride. :)
On the way in we were able to stay in Hong Kong for two nights to get our sleep schedules worked out. They are 13 hours ahead of us. So as I should be in bed right now, it is only 1:00 pm over there. It will take me awhile to get readjusted. We got to see some sights in Hong Kong and get our last fill of western food (McDonalds, Outback Steak House, etc.)before we headed into mainland China.


Anonymous said...

Errr...Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997. Hope you are enjoying Outback and air conditioning!

Oh my word. We just got your package. Thank you! Wow!

Kristy said...

Can't wait to hear more!!! We've heard a little from the S's, but not much....this is very random, but is Colter still afraid of dogs? We were talking about it today because we were at the Mileur's and Curt is obsessed with their tiny dog, but every time it would come within 5 feet of him he would scream bloody murder like a girl.....and then cry...poor baby

Kelly said...

Love these updates!!! So interesting!!! I don't know if I could survive the flight and the food but the hotels look really nice. I can't wait to see and read more!