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Monday, April 7, 2008


This weekend Nana and Papa came to visit. They got to watch CT play soccer, and we took a trip out to the ranch. The kids LOVE to go out to the ranch. Nana was looking for some redbud trees to dig up and plant in her yard at home. They decided that was too much work, and they would just buy the rest. :) They did get home with one, so hopefully it will make it. While at the ranch the kids got to feed Olive the baby calf. Olive's mommy had two calfs and only wanted one. So they are having to bottle feed Olive. The kids thought this was really cool! Olive is about the size of a large dog right now. She is really cute. CT and KG also got to take a little ride on the four wheeler. Of course the ride wasn't long enough for either of them. :)


Sharon said...

hey...i set my blog to private so e-mail me and I'll add you to the "list" :) Do you have my e-mail address?

kapjones said...

Takes me back to my childhood. We had a baby calf, Buster, in our back yard and had to bottle feed b/c it's momma didn't want it. Funny isn't it?