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Monday, March 17, 2008

"I Remember You" A poem written for my Mee Maw by my brother Chris Plummer

I remember you.
When I close my eyes and reach back into the corners of my mind.
Focusing on the details of your face I am able to grab hold of the memory, pulling it out and holding it up to the sunlight.
It gleams and sparkles as the beams dance around it.
I remember the swirl of ice cubes in sweet tea, the cicada heralding the onslaught of summer, and sipping from green plastic cups on the swing under the horse apple tree.
I remember Easter egg hunts and the pride of a young boy showing his memaw the fruits of his cleverness.
I remember that feeling of bright afternoon sun streaming into your eyes causing you to shade them so as to get a better look.
I remember with wonderment the big brown car and the cb within it on our short ride up the hill to cool off from the heat of the day with crisp clean water.
You would wade in for a dip as we circled you like the little fishes we were.
You were shucking peas in the kitchen into a large green bowl while the brown TV relayed the slow moving story about a day in someone’s life.
There was Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, and Stephano, who conspired against us all.
I remember fried chicken, white bread with butter, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, potato salad, and of course chocolate pie.
I remember our mischief and the sudden end of it with the phrase “I’ll tell your daddy”.
Yes I remember you.
I have these things these memories and I have tucked them away inside me.
I have given them a secret place so that they may stay safe.
Your song was such a sweet song and these memories are but a bitter sweet refrain.
However, from time to time though it is so nice to hum along.
So I will hum and I will remember.
Perhaps it is that yours have a slightly different melody than mine.
Regardless grab hold of these moments and hold them up into the sun, letting them burn brightly.
And remember.

Written by Chris Plummer


patti said...

That is a great poem. good job chad.

i have to add that I love that she influenced you days watching...how fun!

His Doorkeeper said...

I loved the poem and the tribute you wrote the other day to your MeeMaw was just wonderful. Makes me think that everything we do with our children and maybe grandchildren(someday) will be a precious memory in their minds. Thanks for the reminder! Sorry you lost her but your loss is heaven's gain! That is the greatest comfort there is!