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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Motorcycle Mania

Vroom! Vroom!
Karla and KG on the motorcycle.
CT getting ready to ride.
"Wook ate me Mommy, Wook at me!"
CT and KG jumping. It was so hard to get her to say in the middle. Luckily no one fell off.

Yesterday the weather was so pretty that we could not stay inside any longer. Plus it was hotter in the house than it was outside, and who turns on the AC in February? Well, I did but it stunk so bad that I turned it off. :) ha! So we opened some windows. We went over to the neighbor's house to see how many dangerous toys we could play on. The kids were taking turns jumping on the trampoline, while Karla was giving rides on the motorcycle. KG LOVED the motorcycle. She kept saying, "Faster, Faster, Faster." CT had a good time on it too. Today is back to winter weather and rain. It was fun while it lasted.

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Anonymous said...

I turned our AC on too... and it stunk. We were all blaming Noah, but it wasn't him. Do you know why it stinks?? I've never had that happen before! I got scared something got up in a vent and died! It went away after we left it on a while... I'm not very good at being hot.