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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday KG!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
KG was a little tired and not into blowing out her candles so Bubba stepped in to help. :)
KG throwin' down a capri sun.
KG and friends.
Cake table.
Mickey Mouse Cake
Mouse Cookies
Mimi and Bubba helping KG open gifts!
Playing on the slide.
This weekend we had KG's 2nd birthday party. Her birthday was actually last Saturday, but we had to wait a week for several reasons. She didn't know the difference. :) KG said she wanted a "mouse" party so Mickey Mouse party we had. She had a lot of fun, was a little on a sugar overload, and in desperate need of a nap. :) She got some sweet gifts, T's Aunt Judi gave her a gold bracelet that had been hers as a little girl, and Uncle Chad made her a music video that also included raw footage from her first birthday party. It was precious! He did a great job! Thanks also to all those who donated to KG's college fund. :) Her Daddy was thrilled! :)
We are so thankful for this precious child and look forward to the many blessings she has to bring! Happy Birthday Sweet girl! Mommy and Daddy love you!


patti said...

Happy Birthday KG!! Cute party looks like lots of fun...but did you make that cake and those cookies too? Maybe we should start calling you Martha Jr.

Unknown said...

I cannot take credit for the cake, but I did make the cookies.

Kelly said...

Cute cake and cookies! Take credit for them both anyway! ha!
I hope this isn't a sign that KG is going to want to be an EEE. ha ha ha!