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Monday, September 3, 2007


CT and Daddy bowling it up. Daddy threw his back out so he just watched. He was dying to get in there and play. :)
Jack and KG getting ready to play. KG didn't play at all. :)
Nee Nee and her mad bowling skillz!! I beat her. :)

This past Friday night we went bowling with some friends of ours. This was the first time for the kids to bowl. KG was more into running around and collecting things from the vending machines. :) CT is a bowling machine. We had two lanes. All the adults were on one lane, and CT had his own lane. We put the bumpers up for him. He bowled for 2 1/2 hours straight. He loved it!!

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Kelly said...

Aimee- OBU did seem so much smaller than I remember. And there were so many new buildings - it just seemed crowded. There was more parking till you could hardly drive around the circle. Everything is much nicer than when I was there.
And I know - I'm going to have to work four jobs for my kids to be able to go there. I'm just hoping for a miracle or I guess they will be at the U of A or NWACC. ha!