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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


While staying at Nana and Papa's the other night the kids were "helping" Nana fold some towels. It soon turned into them playing Superman! They were having so much fun. I guess it goes to show that real toys aren't always the best toys! :) We are at Falls Creek this week so I will have more pictures to add when we get home. CT has had many funny things to say! KG is enjoying all the snacking that is going on. :) At least there are grapes to offer her and she is happy! FYI- that's not me in that nasty OSU orange shirt. :) That is one of our students that came with me to OKC to go to a wedding.

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patti said...

Thank goodness that isn't you...I was starting to worry. And what jersey was that I saw on CT....say it ain't so? GO HOGS!!