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Monday, July 2, 2007

Read at your own discretion! :)

Today we were wearing "backpack" because that's what Dora McXplora (Dora the Explorer) wears. Then CT proceded to take KG to her "classroom" at school. He told her to have fun and that he would see her later. She said Otay!

Last night T was putting CT to bed, and while he was saying his prayers, CT said he was thankful for his "toodle bitch" (tool bench). T was cracking up as he came out of his room. :)


Kelly said...

I love to see that little Black & Decker tool bench (since that's who I work for!) and I love that he loved his ....well - I'll just tool bench.
Kids are hilarious!

patti said...

That is high larious!!

He is so funny...I wonder who he gets that from. I also love the backpacks. Keep posting!